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Turkey is a country full of surprises. It is not easy to pick the best sightseeing to suggest. The following attractions are just a small selection from what Turkey has to show.

Turkey attractions:


Surrounded by Bosphorous and Marmaris Sea Istanboul is a must when visiting Turkey combining the attractions of east with the facilities of the west.


The area that is full of the fairy chimneys offering a spectacular landscape.

Nemrut Dagi

An amazing mountaintop with scattered decapitated huge stone heads unfortunately a long way to travel


Bursa is 2,000-year-old city that is still inhibited, housing many beautiful buildings and a world famous natural mineral bath.


Is an ancient city where the visitor is able to see the ruins of the old city, which is less crowded than Ephesus.


Is a very well preserved city of antiquity that is also amongst the most popular tourist destinations of Turkey.

The Aegean/Mediterranean coast

The whole Aegean and Mediterranean coast is developing fast the past decade due to the clear blue waters and the almost unspoiled scenery


Bodrum is a favorite due to its attractive beaches and especially the Kumbahce Bay side. A city with many pedestrian streets a traditional character and a good base for boat trips.


It is a small and relaxed town by the river with its marvelous river, the cave tombs by the river and wildlife and could easily be suggested as one of the best places in Turkey to visit.

Olu Deniz

It is an amazing beach, a lively townoffering a very beautiful setting.


It is a small town with superb famous, sandy beach.


pretty and tranquil without being crowded with nice beaches in short distances.


With pebble beaches and clear blue waters, Antalya has a great historical sightseeing without being far from the beach towns of Side and Alanya.

The top museums in Turkey
  • Blue Mosque (IstanbulAyasofya (Istanbul)
  • Topkapi Palace (Istanbul)
  • Ephesus Museum (Selçuk)
  • Bodrum Underwater Archaeology Museum
  • Underground Cities of Derinkuyu & Kaymakli
  • Open-Air Museums of Zelve & Göreme
  • Museum of Anatolian Civilizations (Ankara)
The best ruins
  • Pergamum
  • St. John's Basilica (Selçuk)
  • Ephesus
  • Ancient Theatre (Hierapolis)
  • Temple of Apollo (Didyma)
  • Lycian Tombs
  • Yazilikaya
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