This is just a quick note to thank you for the outstanding service provided me upon arrival at Izmir airport. My flight was late and my mobile phone did not work in the region so I was afraid that the driver had left, but he did not. He was waiting patiently and all smiles. I thanked him profusely! His English was great and he was more than willing to tell me about the city as we drove to the hotel.
Sarah W.
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Cesme Peninsula is surrounded by the clear blue Aegean Sea and a magnificent landscape full of fig trees, cultivated fields and gum trees. It is located at the west side of Izmir and it has recently become one of the most popular Turkish destinations due to its natural beauty and the well-organized resorts.

Cesme means fountain in Turkish and this is a name deriving from the numerous water sources that can be found there. The rich water sources ensure that the area remains green with rich fauna all year round and the beauty of nature along with the turquoise sea color compose the perfect landscape.

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Cesme offers plenty of sun all year round with mild winters and hot summers. Visitors can enjoy high quality of services in most of the resorts and plenty of choice in terms of restaurants, sports and nightlife. The visitors could also use the small ferries to pass in the opposite island of Chios with the famous mastic products.

Cesme has an international harbor linked to Izmir with a good quality highway.
The springs found in Cesme are famous worldwide for their therapeutic results especially for rheumatisms and they are renown from antiquity times when Pausanias claimed that they are the most effective ones.

Erythrai Ancient City was excavated in Cesme-Ildiri is the most famous archeological site of the area, the Castle, Caravanserai and plenty of fountains from Ottoman Period along with other examples of civil architecture compose the historical and archaeological remains of the area and the city.

Nowadays, the remains of the Acropolis can be seen on top of the hill, located in the city centre. One of the most important findsof the Acropolis is a woman’s statue belonging to Archaic Age that is on display in the İzmir Museum of Archaeology.

Cesme sightseeing

Cesme Castle:
A typical Ottoman architecture castle built in 1508 that houses a museum. The castle is also used for the International Cesme Music Festival.

Cesme Archeological Museum:
It is located inside the Cesme castle with a collection that also holds some ethnographic pieces along with the archeological findings. The museum is open everyday except Monday

It was built in 1529 and the rectangular structure consists of a two storey building with a central courtyard in the middle with shops and storage depots. Even though today it is used as a hotel it is easy to visit for shopping.

Thermal Springs

Cesme Hot Springs:
This is a unique place in the world. The waters are doing miracles to those suffering from chronic rheumatism, problems arising from poor metabolism, skin conditions, gynecological disorders, liver and urinary tract conditions. The water temperature is around 58ºC containing potassium chloride, sodium chloride  and magnesium chloride. There are modern facilities that even have thermal pools and baths inside them.

Sifne (Reisdere) Thermal Spring and Mud Baths:
It is located on a small peninsula in the Sifne bay. There is a large common pool with many benches inside the water. The waters are good for people suffering from rheumatism, rickets, gynecological disorders, urinary tract infections, stomach and intestinal conditions and skin conditions like eczema and boils. The water contains sodium, chlorine and calcium and the 38ºC waters are radioactive (5.3 eman).

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