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Menorca Mahon Port Information

Name:Port Mahon or Puerto Mahon in Spanish
Mahon Port is located at the capital city of Menorca (Minorca) that is also named Mahon and is today the principal port of the island.
Marine stations: 1

Port Mahon is situated on the east coast of Menorca, at the head of a deep inlet that extends inland for 32miles.
There are an arsenal and extensive quays. The existing berths can accommodate up to 1400 vessels today.
Apart from its commercial and tourist use the port also has a large of it dedicated to recreational activities, fact that helps the interaction of this port with the city life.
Today, Mahon port is an important port for the entire country and has plenty of commercial traffic as well as tourist one as it serves many cruise ships and regular ferryboats.
There is a satisfying network connecting the island with the rest of the Balearic Islands and other Spanish ports such as Barcelona. It is also connected with south France and Algeria mainly as a commercial naval station.

Inside the port area in the middle there is Isla del Rey, a small picturesque island with buildings from the 18th century many of which were used as military hospital. Nearby there is also the islet of Lazareto or Cuarentena that host public health facilities dating back to 1793.
The port as you will see upon arrival has all the necessary facilities including supermarket, bars, restaurants, shops, ATMs, Exchange bureaus, bookshop, souvenirs etc.

Port Emergencies Phone number: 24h service 971.36.30.88

Mahon is the ancient Portus Magonis, established under the Roman rule as leading port of the time. The British, later on revived the city and the port and turned it into a flourishing city and port. It was only at 1802 that the island finally ceded to Spain by the treaty of Amiens.

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