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Visas / Entry Requirements:

EU citizens, USA, Canada and New Zealand who have a valid passport do not need visa if they are visiting Spain for less than ninety days. Austaralian citizens with valid passport can stay up to thirty days without a visa.


Currency: Euro Changing money: Most of the hotels accept credit card payments as well as most of the shops and restaurants. There are plenty of exchange bureaus and most of the banks could exchange traveler’s cheques. Banking hours: 9am-2pm


Country code Spain: +34
Mallorca: + all numbers in Mallorca are prefixed with 971, which should be dialed even if calling within the country.


220 volts


No vaccinations are required. Many of the doctors can speak English and you should look after the matter of medical insurance prior to your arrival. Generally you should try to avoid the midday sun and to take a mosquito repellent with you especially for the summer months. Water is good but not best quality so it is recommended to buy bottled mineral water that is cheap and available everywhere.


Malllorca is generally very safe and with low crime rate, so just keep an eye for small thefts especially in crowded places. Drive carefully and safely since many roads have unexpected turns especially those ones in the mountains.

Tipping / Customs

In restaurants it is common to leave a tip even though a seven percent service charge is already added in the price of your bill.

What to Wear

In Mallorca you will have plenty of chances for alternative entertainment such as folk nights, clubbing, beach parties etc. Spanish people like to dress up so it is advisable to take some elegant clothes with along with the casual relaxed sporty ones. For the hot summer, cotton is the best fabric, for the spring and autumn you will definitely need a light jacket or jerseys whereas in the winter months a warm jacket is necessary.

With Children

Babysitters are available at most hotels/villas and there is specialized nanny agency in Palma. Children are acceptable almost everywhere and most of the restaurants are happy to have the full family even though you should keep in mind that not all of them provide high baby chairs. There are plenty of supermarkets to get all your baby supplies but if you want specific brands don’t forgret that Spanish brands vary.

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