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How can one describe London the city with the thousand faces and bustling lifestyle. London is a cosmopolitan city with rich culture and a fun loving style. It is very difficult to resist its charm. London has everything on offer; numerous historical sites, royal palaces, astonishing gardens, world famous museums and art galleries, grand and historic markets, and last but not least a unique cityscape.
Take a walk through history and get a taste of London’s culture in its famous theatres. London is a city that can easily satisfy all tastes here is just a selective guide of the most important London attractions. Before planning your trip it is advised to make a detailed research that would satisfy your interests, since London is a city that has so many events all year round along with hidden ‘gems’ that you should not miss.

Covent Garden

Covent Garden is a top entertainment and shopping areas of London, with many exclusive and handmade artifacts along with main fashion labels. Entertainment starts from early morning with nice restaurants and pubs and this is the area you can enjoy street theatre and opera. Even though it is a tourist area, Covent Garden manages to preserve its character, just keep an eye for pickpockets since it is one of their favorite areas due to the fact it gets fairly crowded throughout the day.

The National Gallery – Trafalgar Square

Located on the north side of Trafalgar Square, National Gallery hosts an extensive collection of art that should not be missed. The unique architecture helps you to enjoy the exhibits in a relaxed and historic atmosphere. Trafalgar square is ideal to relax afterwards.

Piccadilly Circus / Regent Street / Oxford Street

Piccadilly Circus is the equal area to New York’s Times Square and is full of shops and neon lights. Regent Street starts at Oxford Street and ends at Piccadilly Circus. Both Regent and Oxford Street are the Mecca for the shopper with all the major British and European brands, offering very good prices and high street designs.

Soho / China Town

These areas are fairly close to each other and both carry their particular characteristics. Soho is renowned for its gay friendly culture that makes it very popular both for gays and straight people since it carries the feel that everything is possible to happen. With many famous bars and clubs Soho is today one of the most vibrant area of London. On the other hand neighboring China Town is quieter filled with Chinese restaurants and shops. The area preserves its traditional character and is a good place to have a cheap dinner in London.

Tate Modern / Globe Theatre / Tower Bridge

Tate Modern is the Mecca of modern art throughout Europe. With is dominant building it has become the centre of modern art hosting an amazing permanent collection along with ongoing exhibitions where you can get the pulse of contemporary art scene. Visitors should not miss the long walk starting from London Eye towards Tower Bridge, as they will have the chance to see some of the most important London sights such as London Eye, London Aquarium, Oxo Tower, Tate modern, National Theatre, Globe theatre, Millennium Bridge, Tower Bridge and if you still have strength at the end Design Museum awaits you. There is a beautiful river path connecting all these sights with many hidden gems in between such as pittoresque cafes and small galleries.

Other areas:
  • Buckingham Palace
  • City of London
  • Houses of Parliament
  • Madame Tussauds
  • The Millenium Dome
  • The Museum of London
  • St Pauls Cathedral
  • The Tower of London
  • Greenwich
  • South Kesington
  • Camden Town
  • Nottinghill market
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