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Thessaloniki city center Information

Thessaloniki city center

Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece not only in terma of population numbers but also in terms of cultural, commercial and industrial activity. It is a lovely and vivid city with its own particular character.
The location of Thessaloniki is ideal and has helped the city throughout history to maintain its importance as it has become since its early times a significant harbour and the gate of to Balcans.

The commercial and economical activity developed in the city is crucial not only for Greece but also for all the surrounding countries. The international Commerce and Industry Exhibition is a very important event that fills the city every autumn.
Apart though from its role as a busy city Thessaloniki has developed a strong tourist industry as well, due to numerous historical sites and important museums that the city hosts.
The tourists fill the city all year round to enjoy the amazing food, life style and markets that the city has to offer along with the cultural background that the long history has attached.
Thessaloniki is also th gate to Halkidii peninsula and its renowned beaches and natural landscapes that are within easy reach from the city. The city is renowned for the numerous Byzantine monuments, Ottoman and Jewish architecture.

Thessaloniki city center

Thessaloniki Attractions

  • The White Tower of Thessaloniki that is the symbol of the city
  • The Arch and Tomb of Galerius commonly known as the "Kamara"
  • The agora and the Roman Forum
  • The Roman Palace and Hippodrome
  • The Byzantine walls of the Upper City (Ano Poli) and the castle
Places of interest and culture
  • The Upper Town or 'Ano Poli' with beautiful wooden houses
  • OTE Tower, that is a TV tower in the centre of the Thessaloniki Expo Center
  • The promenade of Nikis Avenue is where the heart of the city beats.
  • Aristotelous Square that is shaped like a bottle
  • the Karabournaki area, in Eastern Thessaloniki
  • The Kyvernion (little Palace) that was the residence of the King and Queen of Greece
  • The Concert Hall of Thessaloniki in the east side
  • Thessaloniki Intemational Trade Fair held every September, organised by Helexpo.
  • Teloglion Foundation of Art
  • European Center of Byzantine and Postbyzantine Monuments
  • Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki
  • Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art
  • State Museum of Contemporary Arts
  • Macedonia-Thrace Folklore and Ethnological Museum
  • Museum of Byzantine Culture
  • Thessaloniki Archaeological Museum
  • Thessaloniki Cinema Museum
  • Thessaloniki Museum of the Macedonian Struggle
  • Thessaloniki Sports Museum
  • Water Museum of Thessaloniki
  • White Tower of Thessaloniki, museum and monument
  • Thessaloniki Science Center & Technology Museum
  • Thessaloniki Museum of Photography
  • Museum of Cinematography
  • The Goulandris Natural History Museum
  • The Church of Aghios Demetrios
  • Osios David, Vlatades Monastery
  • the Church of Aghia Sofia