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Thessaloniki airport to Ouranoupolis transfer
Ouranoupolis Information
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Visiting Ouranoupolis is definitely a unique, superb experience.
Located in the third peninsula of Halkidiki and is 145 kilometers far from Thessaloniki.

Ouranoupolis is the gate to Mount Athos the Universally unique monastic state. Most visitors use the village as a small stopping point before entering the Monastic State of Mount Athos or else the Holy Mountain.

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But apart from being just a gate Ouranoupolis has its own charm.
The beautiful Byznatine tower catches the attention since the village is in a way surrounding it.

The name means literally the city of the sky or in more free translation the city of heaven since the monastic spirit is strong in the village’s atmosphere.

An average of hundred houses constitute the village that has a mild climate throughout the year, spectacular blue waters and endless sandy beaches.
To enjoy the best view of the area and the village go up the hill just after the town of Ierissos where the view is truly breathtaking.

In the area nearby there the tiny whitewashed chapel of St Paul, the village of Nea Roda, the hamlet of Tripity, and further across the limpid sea the long island of Ammouliani, and the Drenia Islands, a group of uninhabited islets.

Due to its position Ouranoupolis has not been affected by mass tourism. The village was part of Mount Athos until 1922, which was the times of the Micrasiatic wars, and refugees arrived on the village.

The monks provided the refugees with land and homes and sheep in order to be able to survive since at the time there was no road to connect Athos with rest of Greece.  It was at 1947 that the first road was actually made.

Today Ouranoupolis provides the visitors with a calm lifestyle the one of a small fishing village but the truth is that the landscape is so beautiful and the sea so clean that you really do not need much more.

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Useful Info - Mount Athos Visitors

Ouranoupolis Port: daily departures for the monasteries on the western side of Mt. Athos
Ouranoupolis Port: Tel. +30 23770 71248

Ierissos Port: daily departures for the monasteries on the northeastern and southeastern sides of Mt. Athos.
Ierissos Port: Tel. +30 23770 22576

Phone numbers for reservations in the Mount Athos monasteries:
The Monastery of Agios Dionysios: Tel. +30 23770 23686
The Monastery of Agios Panteleimon: Tel. +30 23770 23201
The Monastery of Agios Pavlos: Tel. +30 23770 23208
The Monastery of Vatopedi: Tel. +30 2377023219
The Monastery of Grigorios: Tel. +30 23770 23218
The Monastery of Dochiarios: Tel. +30 23770 23245
The Monastery of Esfigmenos: Tel. +30 23770 23796
The Monastery of Zografos: Tel. +30 23770 23247
The Monastery of Iviron: Tel. +30 23770 23248
The Monastery of Karakallos: Tel. +30 23770 23225
The Monastery of Kastamonitios: Tel. +30 23770 23901
The Monastery of Koutloumoutsios: Tel. +30 23770 23226
The Monastery of Megistis Lavras: Tel. +30 23770 23761
The Monastery of Xenofon: Tel. +30 23770 23249
The Monastery of Xiropotamos: Tel. +30 23770 23251
The Monastery of Pantokratoros: Tel. +30 23770 23253
The Monastery of Simonos Petra: Tel. +30 23770 23254
The Monastery of Stavronikitas: Tel. +30 23770 23255
The Monastery of Philotheos: Tel. +30 23770 23674
The Monastery of Chelandarios: Tel. +30 23770 23281



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