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Heraklion port

Heraklion port transfers and Heraklion port guide

Heraklion Port has been developing rapidly the past decades and it is now one of the most important ports in Greece. It has both passenger and cargo facilities and it including cruise ships itineraries especially during the summer.
It is separated in the following areas:
The old Venetian port where fishing boats and the marina is located
The passengers port
The commercial – cargo por
Passenger Terminal
At the second pier the new modern passengers terminal operates. Inside the terminal the travelers can find ticket issuing bureaus, two waiting lounges, trolleys, Left -Luggage service, phones and Data / Info points. Also in the terminal there are police and ambulance departments.



Money and Communications:
ATM machines, Phones, Data Info point.
Press and Tobacco shop, Souvenir shop, Duty Free department
Two large waiting lounges
Eating and Drinking:
Coffee shop and Bar, Snacks light food available.
Disabled Travellers:
Disabled toilets and ramps for easy access is also available.
High security control with luggage and passenger being checked prior entering the port.
Possible combined check in/out with the airline companies
Doctor available on port operating hours

Historic data

In the Minoan times there was much activity with indications of a commercial center that possibly went even deeper into the mainland up to the Knossos area.
In the Greek and Roman times, the interest was moved further west, particularly to Hersonissos until the Byzantine years, when Nikiforos Fokas, settled a port functioning at Dermatas bay in Heraklion.
It was the Venetians who moved the Heraklion port where it is today managing by this to take advantage of a line of underwater rocks. They constructed the Venetian port which was at the time a really big port very well-built and protected, with plenty docking facilities, service, resupply and repair possibilities. The Venetian port is operating up until today hosting the fisher boat harbor and the yacht’s marina. The castle built at its edge (Koules castle) is one of the most important landmarks and symbols of the city. The citizens of Heraklion love promenading along the Venetian port and to enjoy the picturesque landscape.
During the Turkish occupation, there was no extension of the port. With the liberation and the declaration of the Cretan State, the study for the construction of a new port which could cope with the increased demands that development and raise of population has brought, was given to French engineers. This initiative was well supported by the public and the early expenses were covered by contributions donated by the citizens of Heraklion.

Heraklion port