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Heraklion airport to Platanias Chania transfer
Platanias Information Chania Crete
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Platanias is a beautiful resort by the sea, located on the northwest part of Crete island, at a distance of 10 kms from Chania.

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The ride from the international airport or he port in Chania is approximately 20-30 minutes.

It is a small but quite popular holiday destination worldwide, visited by thousands of people each summer. Also, it is one of the richest regions in west Crete.

The beach of Platanias is covered with golden sand and the water is clear. There is a bunch of different attractions for anyone who wants to be active while on vacation. The accommodations are of high quality and the people are very hospitable.

Apart from the opportunity to enjoy the warm Cretan sun and the lovely beaches, the resort offers many other choices.

It is a very lively place with many restaurants, cafeterias and beach bars where the service is premium and you can interact with an interesting crowd. Nightlife is always buzzing and as per shopping, you can look for local items in small shops.

The area where Platanias is located is also of historic significance. It is worthwhile to visit the neighbouring villages of Vrisses, Maleme and Modi to admire the archaeological findings from the 13th century BC up to 4th century BC, as well as the tokens of ancient civilization found in Lissos, Polirrnia and Aptera.

Moreover, in the entire area monuments and buildings that were built in the Venetian era or during the Turkish dominance can be found. We should not omit to refer to the great role that some villages in the area played during the Greek rebellion against the Turks to gain their freedom. Significant battles took place in Therisso, Sfakia and Maleme.

One of the most important advantages of staying at Platanias is the opportunity it gives you to make many interesting excursions.

The surrounding area is well known for its picturesque natural environment and the scenic views. One of the most breathtaking sceneries worldwide is the one you will face if you decide to walk through the Samaria Gorge.

Highly recommended are also visits to Omalos, Agia Roumeli, Sougia and Paleohora. Last but not least, not to be missed is a trip to Hania, the biggest city in the area, known to have some of the best kept traditional style buildings of different eras.

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