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The tourist Mecca of Crete for British tourists comes with the name Malia. Young British tourists have turned this resort into a party capital and this is actually the main attraction of this small town.
An endless range of large resort hotels, pensions and apartments consist Heraklion’s biggest package holiday centre, Malia. Located in scenery of great natural beauty along with its archaeology, history and setting offer many attractions to the visitor.
The climate is healthy and the locals have a reputation for hospitality. People are friendly and helpful. A synthesis of charming beach, lush plain, hills and mountains south of the village create a rare portrait of great natural beauty.
On the long sandy beaches, which are usually full, you will find numerous discos, bars and cafes that they host young people decided to spend unforgettable holidays.


For young people those who like getting drunk and fancy parties is a great place to go. Every second place in Malia seems to be a bar or a disco. You can also find restaurants, shops that meet with your requirements and the casual hotel for those who need to sleep.
In addition, an old village in Malia located south of the main coastal road and consequently away from the sea, retains a little bit of atmosphere.
As the nightlife, centered along the main strip of the town, is pretty wild the once peaceful seaside resort became very attractive to the younger set of late, particularly during July and August. Since the option for peace and quiet is excluded, simply try to stay further away from the center, about 2 kilometers (1,2 miles) should do.
The archaeological site of Malia and the charming cobbled streets of the village worth a visit even though the majority of the visitors are attracted by the nightlife.
The beachfront between Stalida and Malia is wide and runs about 5km (3.1 miles). There you will find a wide range of water sports, as well as Jet Ski and paragliding.
What is more, you will never find yourself far from a snack bar or café and there is a variety of restaurants featuring everything from fast food to fine cuisine.
On the other hand if you want to do something far from the beach, there are some pretty inland villages placed among beautiful sceneries, with tree-covered hills and small mountain springs. In case of traveling with children paying a visit to the water park is essential since it is the largest one in all of Greece.
As far as the accommodation is concerned you will find hundreds of small and large hotels.
Most of them are in the hands of tour operators. In addition make sure that you check that your accommodation is located in a quiet remote area far from the center of Malia (the road leading to the beach), if you want to be able to sleep sometimes.
The variety of restaurants includes English food, full English breakfast and even some good Greek restaurants.
Shopping: in Malia you will find everything.
Nightlife: Malia is equal to parties and nightlife