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The ferry port of Corfu is located on the eastern side of Kerkyra Island (Corfu) providing numerous ferry sailings to Bari (Italy), Brindisi (Italy), Trieste (Italy) and Venice (Italy).

Corfu port is one of the safest ports in Mediterranean Sea. The weather has never forced any ship to leave as it is well protected. The harbour is one of the most important in Ionian Sea and it is a linking port between Greece and Italy cruise ships and cargos.

Good wheelchair access onboard ferries facilitate those with disabilities. Passengers are urged to inform staff of any special needs, when making their reservations.

The port is the main port of the island connecting Greece with Italy, Albania and other Ionian islands.

The town of Corfu actually has two ports:
The old port that is not used by the ferry companies but only by private sailboats, fishing boats and yachts, and the new port that is mainly used from the ferry companies.

From the port of Corfu depart ferries to Bari, Brindisi, Venice, Ancona in Italy and to Igoumenitsa, Kefalonia, Paxi, Patras in Greece. Moreover, there are smaller ferries to take to reach Albania.

Tickets to Igoumenitsa are bought at the port whereas tickets to Italy, Patras and Kefalonia can also be bought in advance.

The ferry companies that use the Corfu port are:
Minoan lines
Anek lines
Agoudimos lines
Strintzis lines
Local ferry companies to Igoumenitsa (e.g. Kerkyra lines)

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Port Name:   Port of Corfu
Port Authority of Corfu Address:   Xen Stratigou 2 Corfu
Phone:   +30 266 103 2655
Latitude:   39° 37' 44" N
Longitude:   19° 54' 34" E
Harbor Port Size:   Small

From Igoumenitsa there are daily routes to Corfu, from 6 in morning up to 10 in evening.
The trip lasts 1 to 1.5 hour, depending on the type of ferryboat. In summer months, boats from and to Igoumenitsa depart every 15 minutes, because a lot of tourists visit the island of Corfu.

From the port in Patra, the trip to Corfu lasts 7 -8 hours, but it is very comfortable because the ferryboats are luxurious. These ferries go to Italy and stop in Corfu port for embarkation. The sea connection Corfu-Italy is frequent and the main cities are Bari, Ankona and Brindisi.

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