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Sidari Information- Corfu Island

Sidari - Corfu

Surrounded by a wonderful landscape, Sidari is a tourist resort by the sea, very busy and popular, located about 36 km Northwestern from the town of Corfu.
It is said that human activity is evidenced in the area since the Neolithic period (6000 B.C.). The village is quite ancient and the permanent residents are about 370.
The truly peaceful area of Melitsa along with the romantic “Channel of Love” gives an amazing impression of the area. Not further you can find the picturesque village of Agrafi and the ruins of the old Venetian castle, which worth paying a visit.

Accommodation, such as studios and rooms, is available within the settlement in the near village of Karoussades and the area around. As far as the food and drink is concerned you will find plenty good taverns at the sea front and in the village of Karoussades with mainly Greek food.
The awarded with blue flag beaches of the village offers you the possibility to swim and sunbathe. Alternatively if you wish to go further to the area you will find the sandy beaches of Agios Ioannis, Gialos, Agios Andreas and Astrakeri.
The fact that the entire area has some of the best beaches of the island is totally justified. The celebration of Easter is of great importance in Greece and if you are in the village you may take part to the local feast “panighyri” on the first Sunday after Easter, in honor of Aghios Thomas (St. Thomas).
The beach of Apotripiti in Melitsa, the Canal d amour, along with the Sunset beach (Logas beach) in the village of Peroulades is considered the best swimming spot around Sidari. More beaches of Sidari can be found near the harbor to the east and to the west you can find the well-known coves of the Canal D’ Amour.
The beauty of these beaches is unsurpassed! The rock formations of an unusual nature form a huge of tiny coves and narrow channels. One of them of unique beauty is named: “ Channel of love” or Canal D’ Amour!
A point that is recommended for diving is an area of eroding sandstone cliffs that have formed several tiny sand and shingle coves that can be reached by paths and even ladders.
Tradition has it that if anyone manages to swim through it will soon meet the partner of his or her dreams. This canal has many caves under it and even if it is magnificent to stare at it, you have to be cautious especially with children since the rocks and cliffs pose a great danger.
Beautiful beaches can be found in Roda and Acharavi (North Corfu) and to the west of Sidari, which are not far away.
You can also visit the traditional villages of Peroulades and Avliotes that both of them are of the biggest villages in the area and of course the pretty beaches of Agios Stefanos, Arillas and Agios Georgios Pagon. From Sidari you can take an excursion to Diapontia islands of Mathraki, Othoni and Ericousa that are located 7 miles from the mainland.
On the whole, Sidari is a great destination to spend your holiday whether you are single or with family. As there is always something going on in Sidari rest assured that the offered entertainment can complete any desire, so you will never get tired of the place…

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