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Ipsos Information- Corfu Island

Ipsos - Corfu

The shore of Ipsos is the natural extension of Dasia’s beach. Along this cosmopolitan beach there are well-organized water sports as well as diving school, windsurfing and more to follow.
Being one of the busiest beaches of Corfu, Ipsos offers a wide range of water sports activities and a variety of restaurants, satisfying every taste. On the one side of the beach there is a small harbor.
You can get the best view of the beach if you continue north along the coastal road. On the backside of the village rises the mountain of Pantokrator that with its imposing background gives a special charm to the area.

Along the coastal line you can find numerous tavernas, bars and discos and it is very popular among young people that like to party! Ipsos is the synonym of nightlife and partying since the variety of bars can satisfy every taste with every kind of music.
Italian and English teenagers are the majority of visitors and of course Ipsos is highly recommended for clubbing, dancing and partying. If you find it hard to have a drink late in the night in some villages of Corfu, in Ipsos you will never face this kind of “problem”!
Located on the north part of the Corfu Island, spelled Korfu, this famous resort is 2 km long beach. The endless golden sand, the pebbles and the crystal clear water gave the beach the Blue Flag award.
Ipsos was initially a small fishing village but through the years with all this touristic development became one of the most modern and ecological places of its kind. The part of the village that is close to the harbor is quieter and most suitable for families.
The accommodation in the area varies from Hotels to rooms, apartments and camping. Since the resort is only 15 minutes away from Corfu port, airport and Corfu Town it is considered a lively resort where a lot is going around such as parties and crazy nightlife.
Yet one can find quiet places in the area of Ipsos. The place offers you a lot of choices that sometimes are very contradictive to one another. On the other hand this is what makes Ipsos a beautiful place. You will never get bored!
Located in the middle of Corfu Island makes it very easy to reach all the facilities of the place such as the archaeological sites the traditional Greek villages and of course the cosmopolitan Corfu Town.
Regular buses are going from Ipsos to Corfu town, Dassia Beach and Barbati. You can also have the chance to go by boat to Corfu town or any other beaches around.

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