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Athens airport to Piraeus port transfer
Piraeus Port Information
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Piraeus Port Authority:

10 Akti Miaouli
185 38 Piraeus

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Piraeus port is the largest passenger port within Europe along with being one of the largest passenger ports in the world. It serves 20 million passengers per year (including the Salamina - Perama service that handles an average of about 8 million passengers per year).

Piraeus port is the largest port of Greece connecting Athens with Aegean islands and Crete. It is also the main maritime gateway to the European Union at the south eastern end as well as the stop for numerous cruise ships.
The aesthetics of the port have been improved the past few years and the quality of services is now significantly higher.

The following operators serve the Port:

Minoan Lines
ANEK Lines
Blue Star Ferries
GA Ferries
NEL Lines
LANE Lines
Aegean Speed Lines

piraeus port gates and destinations

Piraeus has been the Port of Athens for more than 2500 years, and it have been of great importance throughout the history.

Arriving in Athens via Piraeus will give you the chance to meet one of the most important sites through Greek History and if you have some spare time you should not miss a walk in the Piraeus surroundings.

The Academy Award-winning Melina Mercouri film "Never on Sunday" was shot in Piraeus. If you're travelling via Piraeus on January 6th, do not miss to see the crowd that is gathered to watch young Greeks diving for a gold cross as part of the Epiphany observances.

The Municipal Gallery of Piraeus located at the Piraeus Municipal theatre at Korai Square showcases an extensive collection of modern sculpture and a collection of theatrical memorabilia.

A number of yachting events at Piraeus occur each year organized by Piraeus Yacht club.
If you are hungry pay a visit to Mikrolimano a small harbor nearby that is famous for its fresh seafood dishes.

piraeus port map


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