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Germany Sightseeing & Attractions
Koeln city

Tourists visiting Germany will encounter a heady mix of untamed nature, fine arts and youthful creativity. If visitors have the perceptions of Germany as simply homogeneous, it will be surprised with its many historical regions and much local diversity for its relatively small size.

Germany has a lot of interesting sights and attractions that will satisfy every visitors taste. Below is a list with the attractions and sights in Germany that no traveler should miss.
  • Neuschwanstein, Bavaria: The world's most famous castle is nestled in the Alps and it seems to come straight out of a fairy tale.

  • Brandenburg Gate, Berlin: The Brandenburg Gate is the national symbol for Germany. Built in 1791, the gate was a symbol of peace.

  • Oktoberfest, Munich: The 'Oktoberfest' is the largest festival worldwide, attracting a multitude of visitors. Apart from beer tents, the festival offers a variety of amusements.

  • The Romantic Road: Is the most famous scenic route in Germany. It starts in Würzburg and ends in Füssen. Most important points to visit on the Romantic Street are the cities: Würzburg, Harburg, Donauwörth, Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Landsberg am Lech and Augsburg.

  • The Black Forest: This ancient forest is famous for its legends and the black fir trees that dot the landscape.

  • The Cathedral of Cologne: The Cathedral of Cologne is one of Germany's most important architectural monuments and the third tallest cathedral in the world.

  • Nuremberg's Christmas Market: Starting in November, the famous Christmas market turns the city into a magical winter wonderland that surely deserves a visit.

  • Lake Constance: Lying along the country's south-western border with Switzerland and Austria, Lake Constance is Germany's largest fresh-water lake.

  • The Frisian Islands: Most of the Frisian Islands are protected areas, and an international wildlife nature reserve is being coordinated between the countries of Netherlands, Germany and Denmark.

Germany's cities and historic towns offer travelers their pick of artistic, cultural, historical, and musical venues. Whether you want to get lost in Berlin's Museum variety, shop in cosmopolitan Düsseldorf, embark upon the medieval city of Nuremberg or just hang out in the relaxing villages in the country, you will find it all.

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