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Saint Tropez

St. Tropez is included among the most popular cosmopolitan resorts worldwide and, because of its fame, tourists have shown interest to explore the entire Côte d' Azur.
Visitors who crowd the lovely beaches in the wider area of St. Tropez would be surprised to know that it was originally a small and very quiet fishing village. The only people who showed interest to visit back then were artists, mostly writers and painters.
The reason everything changed almost overnight in 1956 is that the movie "And God Created Woman" starring Brigitte Bardot was filmed there and the myth of the absolute chic destination was created. Ever since then, a great deal of celebrities, paparazzi chasing them and curious tourists show up during summer and create a big chaos in every beach around the small town.

Of course, St. Tropez is also famous for its magnificent golden beaches. Most of them are located on the eastern part of the peninsula outside of the town. The well-known Plage de Pampelonne lies there, crowded with cafes, restaurants, beach bars and clubs.
Another famous beach is the Place des Lices, frequently visited by international as well as native movie stars. If you are interested in what is considered “hot” among the stars, the following are only a few tips: a favorite drink is Pastis, a favorite accessory is leather sandals and a popular activity is playing a game of boules.
On the other hand, if you prefer not so crowded beaches, a nice idea might be the Plage de l'Escalet, which is also free. A few more beaches worth visiting are Caneliers Beach, Bouillabaisse Beach and Salins Beach.
For those interested in the town’s history, it was named after Saint Torpes, who was a Christian martyr that was killed by Emperor Nero. Every year on May his memory is honored in the form of a "bravade" that includes an effigy along with a musket fire carried all over town.
In mid-June residents of St. Tropez dress in 18th century Provençal costumes to participate in another "bravade" that takes place. Additionally, at the beginning of October a yacht race (“Nioulargue”) is held and numerous good yachts participate.