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Monaco is not just another lively resort on the Cote d'Azur. It is a really unique tourist destination, taking under consideration the fact that it is a tiny country with its own monetary system, dialect, international dialing code and flag.
It is a monarchy governed by a prince who resides at the Palais du Prince, located at the south part of the port right by the old town, Monaco Ville. Visiting the palace is part of the sightseeing, either to watch the official changing of guards once a day or to attend one of the guided tours open to the public many times during the day.
The reasons most of the tourists choose to visit Monaco are the Casino de Monte Carlo and the Grand Prix Formula 1 race. The Casino is located north of the port. The requirements to be permitted an entrance are to be older than 21 years proven by a valid passport and to dress appropriately and rather formally.
You will definitely enjoy the experience of gambling among many rich and famous people who lead a luxurious lifestyle and travel with impressive yachts and fast cars. In the event of profits, taking advantage of the extraordinary taxation system of the country is not so bad either!

The Grand Prix takes place around May or June and the cars race in the streets of Monaco. The race is made more difficult by the fact that the streets are quite narrow for current standards. This makes it an even more extraordinary spectacle for F1 races fans.
Therefore, it is not surprising that there is barely enough tickets and pavement space for spectators. Additionally, if you choose to visit Monaco around January, you can watch the Monte Carlo rally.
Other worth visiting attractions in the area is the Musee Oceanographique, the Cathedrale de Monaco and the Jardin Exotique. The Musee Oceanographique, founded in 1910, was used by Jacques Cousteau to perform significant research in its labs.
Nowadays, visitors can examine almost 90 different tanks with a wide variety of sea creatures, some of which are very rare and unusual. Most tourists who visit the Cathedrale de Monaco do so in order to see the place where Grace Kelly is buried. After all these years from her tragic death, people are still interested in the story of the movie star who became a Princess.
The Jardin Exotique offers a breathtaking view of Monaco, and has a collection of almost 7.000 different exotic plants. Also, with the same ticket you can visit the Musee d'Anthropologie Prehistorique as well as the Observatory Caves.
For those who prefer to be active while on vacation, there are many options including golf, almost every water sport, and tennis. Also, less traditional ways to explore the coast is with a boat that has a glass bottom in order to observe or flying with a helicopter.
Also, if you are interested in the nightlife, you will be happy to find out there is plenty to do. You can attend a ballet show, a live music performance or the opera. The dining options are numerous and of the higher quality.
To enjoy your drinks, some of the best choices would be places like the Monte Carlo Sporting Club and the American Bar at the Hôtel de Paris.