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Paphos boasts a number of unique claims to fame: it was here that Aphrodite, goddess of love, walked in from the sea to found a thousand love cults across the Hellenic world.
It was here that Agamemnon, leader of the Arcadian contingent to Troy, was shipwrecked and it was also here that St Paul stopped off on his way to Rome for a quick conversion of the local proconsul.
Paphos is a city where myth and reality mingle freely and where you can see Roman villas, Byzantine churches and Crusader castles within a few minutes walk of the harbor.
It is also a city that is facing similar developmental pressures to the rest of Cyprus, although it does enjoy some protection as a UNESCO world heritage site.
Paphos sprawls above the old harbor area in a haphazard fashion; contemporary hotels mingle with ancient buildings as they climb an escarpment first settled by the Byzantines in the first century AD.
Traditionally two settlements made up Paphos: Kato Pafos (the harbor area) and Ktima (the hill), but these have recently merged as high-rises fill in the gaps in-between the two.