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Paphos airport to Kalavassos transfer
Kalavassos Information

Kalavassos is situaqted three kilometers to the west of Tochni and is a picturesque village, built on a hill.

Originally called Kali Vasi (which means ‘Good Base’) it has come to be known as Kalavasos. Indeed, because of its position of equal distance from the three major towns (30 minutes from Nicosia, Larnaka, Limassol) it has always been ideal as a base.

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Some of the most outstanding settlements of the antiquity are found in the area, such as the Tenta (Neolithic age).
Not far from the village is the Kalavasos water dam with its incredibly serene surroundings. Another favorite site is the village's old mine, no longer in operation.

Kalavasos village is surrounded by natural landscapes with sea views to the south and mountains to the west. It is just ten minutes from many beautiful beaches with opportunity for sailing, snorkeling and strolling around coastal nature trails.

In the surrounding village of Zygi and Tochni you can find traditional shops selling local lace and handmade silver ornaments. Fish restaurants in the area are renowned all over Cyprus.

Kalavasos locals are very friendly and we have quite a few nice coffee shops in the village square, which is a hang out of all the locals in the evenings. If you are looking for night life Limassol is only 20 minutes away and Larnaca and Nicosia are at most 30 minutes from there.


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