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Episkopi Information


Episkopi is a village located about 14 kilometers west of the city of Limassol and 40 kilometers east of Paphos connected with them by a modern intercity highway.
Episkopi is built on the foothill of ancient Kourion at a height of 60 meters , close to the west bank of the river Kouris and overlooking the bay of Kourion. It is a village of mixed population in the Limassol district. There are several beaches accessible from the main road, but the main attraction in this region is Curium.


The small distance between Episkopi and the city of Limassol, and also the opportunities for employment in the area because of the operation of the British bases, the utilization of the important archaeological sites for the purposes of tourism, as well as the rare natural beauty of the region, have contributed to the rapid development of the community, transforming it to a modern town with all the comforts that has nothing to be jealous of from the other cities of Cyprus.
There is a small but interesting museum containing various artifacts from Curium. Other features of interest within easy reach of Episkopi are the citrus-fruit plantations of Phasouti, the monasteries of Trooditissa and Omodos (Stavros, the Holy Cross) and the picturesque villages of Fini, Kilani, Platres, Prodromos and Tróodos in the Troodos Mountains.

Historical Episkopi Information

The archaeological findings, found in almost the entire area of the community, reveal that during ancient times Episkopi was connected to the city of Kourion. During the first centuries AD, Episkopi succeeded Kourion as a center of the region and a seat of bishops.
The seat was removed during the Frank era (after 1222) when the Orthodox Episcopal seats of the island were reduced from 14 to 4.
Masse De Latri provides the information that in the 13th century Episkopi belonged to the aristocratic family of John D' Imbelin, Count of Giaffa.
During the 14th and 15th century the village was known with the name of La Piscopia dei Cornari (The Cornaros' Episcopate) and belonged to the Cornaro family from which the last Queen of Cyprus -Catherine Cornarou- descended. The King of Cyprus Peter I gave the Episcopate to the Cornaro family as a gift.