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Larnaca airport to Maroni transfer
Maroni Information

Set just 30 minutes drive from both Limassol and Larnaca towns; this sleepy village has a population of roughly 400. The village is situated in a spot where its inhabitants can connect with major centers or remain quietly detached five minutes from the sea!

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The village preserves -to great extends -its traditional architecture with the narrow streets, the stone-made houses with local stone, the houses with the picturesque upper levels with balconies, the arches and the front doors with chiseled frames.

The village centre offers modern facilities including a medical centre, bank, garage and there is a range of typical shops offering quality goods and services within easy reach along with a few local taverns and restaurants that provide truly great food and wines.

The combination of high quality of life, low cost of living, hospitable people and an excellent infrastructure including a good network of roads and new motorways.

The region is rich in antiquities and since it was inhabited from early prehistoric times, something due to the fertile land in the valley of the river.

The village receives an average annual rainfall of about 380 millimeters; which enables citrus fruits (lemons, grapefruits, oranges), cereals, forage plants, olive trees, and various types of vegetables to be cultivated in the region.




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