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Larnaca Airport to Germasoyia transfer
Germasoyia Information

The rapid growth along the coast has rendered Germasoyia to an important tourist centre. The character of the historical centre, the interesting sights in the area, its topography and natural environment, lead the Council to initiate a regional scheme for the protection, regeneration and promotion of the area as well as to proceed a town planning to allow the erection of hotel units around the centre, in an attempt to reinforce the Cypriot tourist industry.

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The historical centre of Germasoyia is the centre of social and political activity since early Christian times. Despite the changes it has undergone during the years, it still maintains the characteristics of a traditional Cypriot settlement witch will thrill even the most demanding visitor.

Wondering through its narrow, steep streets, the visitor can enjoy the simplicity of the traditional stone houses, the wonderful church of Santa Paraskevi, the church of Agia Christina and the Germasoyia Cultural Centre. Finally he can stop and take a rest in a traditional coffee shop and drink Cypriot coffee.

Old Germasoyia is within walking distance from the coast, only 2km away, and gives the visitor the opportunity to arrive there by walking through the Germasoyia valley, amongst the blooming citrus trees and the intense heady scent of the lemon blossoms, during April and May.


germasoyia germasoyia germasoyia


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