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There are many excellent value products to be bought in Cyprus and all the main towns offer busy shopping centers and bustling markets. Cypriot purchases include handmade lace, woven curtains and tablecloths, silks, basketwork, pottery, silverware and leather goods.

Jewelery is an art, which has been practiced on the island since the Mycenean period; craftspeople working in contemporary and traditional styles produce some very fine pieces. Silver spoons and forks are a traditional symbol of Cypriot hospitality.

Lefkara lace is famous throughout the world as one of the products most closely associated with Cypriot workmanship; the name originates from the village Lefkara, situated on a hill on the Nicosia-Limassol road.

There are also Cyprus Handicraft Centers in all the major towns, offering a wide selection of locally produced items.

Shops are closed all day Sunday and on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons. However, in the tourist areas, shops usually stay open late in the evenings and all day Sunday.

In particular, Cyprus is noted for its leather goods, especially jackets, handbags and shoes; for handmade lace, and for high quality jewelry.

Spectacles are very good value, often being offered at substantially lower prices than in Europe.

Visitors to the mountain village of Lefkara will be able to see the villagers hard at work making their traditional lace and filigree silver products.

Legend has it that Leonardo Da Vinci found this work so beautiful that he took a tablecloth back with him to place on the "Ayia Trapeza" altar of Milan Cathedral.

In the other mountain villages good buys include homemade honey and sweets such as sujouko and palouze, which are made from grapes.

Ceramics are also very popular, with potteries in all the major towns offering a wide selection of brightly painted pots, plates and other gift items.

High on many tourist shopping list is the famous Cyprus Delight, and visitors can visit the many workshops around the island that produce it, for a free taste and to see how it is made.

Cyprus is also well known for its wines and many wineries and breweries offer tours around their premises. Specialties of Cyprus include Cypriot brandy, the famous dessert wine, Commandaria, the orange liqueur Filfar, and Keo beer.

Many locally produced spirits are also available and are much cheaper than well-known brands.Imported goods sell at competitive prices, including cameras, perfume, porcelain and crystal.


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