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Cyprus Places to Visit - Cyprus transfer bookings
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There are so many wonderful places to see in Cyprus here are some of the most interesting are:

Paphos Harbour & Castle
Kourion/Kolossi Castle
Larnaca Salt Lake & Hala Sultan Tekke
Agia Napa and Protaras
Nicosia 'within the walls' and the House of Hadigeorgakis Kornesios
Cedar Valley
Panayia tou Araka
Panagia Chrysospiliotissa Church
The Paphos mosaics
Limassol Castle
The scant ruins of ancient Kition
Hala Sultan Tekkesi
Baths of Aphrodite
Rock of Aphrodite
The nine Byzantine churches in the Troodos Mountains

Traditionally seen as a convenient stepping-stone between Europe and the Middle East; Cyprus owes much of its historic importance to an enviable geographic location.

It’s hardly surprising then that every major power in the region has made a point of conquering or colonizing it at some point. Cyprus’ position at the maritime crossroads of the Mediterranean has brought religious diversity and even today plump Orthodox domes compete with slender minarets to define the skyline.

Cyprus has been welcoming visitors for millennia and Cypriots are well known for their hospitality. Besides a warm welcome you are guaranteed clear blue skies and year-round sunshine, as well as stunning beaches and spectacular scenery. The island’s cultural diversity is perhaps best reflected in the local cuisine, which brings together the best elements of Mediterranean cooking.

Traveling to Cyprus is very easy. Most of the major airline companies provide frequent flights, especially during the summer period. You can easily book your shuttle Cyprus transfer service. Just click to visit our Larnaca airport transfer, Paphos airport transfer and Limassol port transfer page, or you could visit a site dedicated to Cyprus Transfer bookings by clicking below:

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