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Major resorts have bars and restaurants of every category. At larger hotels, the cuisine tends to international although authentic local dishes may also be available. All over the island there are restaurants offering genuine Cypriot food.
One of the best ways of enjoying Cypriot food is by ordering mezze (snacks), a large selection of a number of different local dishes. However, the cuisine varies according to whether the visitor eats in the North or the Republic of Cyprus. Waiter service is normal and counter service is common in bars.

There are no licensing hours. The highlight of the wine year is the annual wine festival in Limassol, usually held in September, when free wine flows and local food ison offer.

National specialities:

Tava (a tasty stew of meat, herbs and onions).
Dolmades (vine leaves stuffed with minced meat and rice).
Kebabs (pieces of lamb or other meat skewered and roasted over a charcoal fire).
Stifado (a stew of beef or hare cooked with wine, vinegar, onion and spices).
Fresh seafood: Tsipoura (seabream), Lavraki (seabass) and Garides (prawns).


Halloumi is the famous traditional white cheese of Cyprus, which has been made on the island for hundreds of years from sheep’s milk. Halloumi is extremely versatile and is eaten in Cyprus grilled, fried (in slices as part of a cooked breakfast), in salads, and stuffed inside ravioli.

National drinks:

Coffee is Greek-style (short, strong and unfiltered).
Cyprus produces excellent wines, spirits and beer which can only be bought in the south.
The foothills of the Troodos Mountains are home to much of the best wine, which is now of such high quality that it is increasingly exported.
Tipping: A service charge is added to all bills, but tipping is still acceptable and remains at the discretion of the individual.

Fruit and Vegetables

Nurtured by the warm Mediterranean sun, Cyprus fruit and vegetables grow to a size and quantity guaranteed to delight the most demanding plates the trees laden with citrus, and the acres of grapes.
Particularly on the southern Troodos slopes, are the beginning of the story. The markets and many roadside stalls are a feast of colour, with fruit of every variety, size and hue.Ripe, juicy, tasty, ready for eating and very inexpensive. These include apples, pears, melons, watermelons, plums, figs, strawberries and cherries to mention but a few.
And the same goes for the island's vegetables. Everyone knows the superlative Cyprus potato - so tasty and ideal for chips - but there are giant, shiny aubergines, massive red tomatoes, fat lettuces, elongated carrots, plump artichokes, delectable avocadoes and many more.

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