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Croatia Travel Guide
Dubrovnik Beach

Croatia, officially the Republic of Croatia, is a country in Central Europe and Southeastern Europe at the crossroads of the Pannonian Plain, the Balkans, and the Adriatic Sea. Its capital and largest city is Zagreb. Croatia borders Slovenia to the north, Hungary to the northeast, Bosnia and Herzegovina to the southeast, Serbia to the east, and Montenegro to the southeast. Croatia is a member of the United Nations, the Council of Europe, NATO, the World Trade Organization and CEFTA. The country is a candidate for European Union membership and is a founding member of the Union for the Mediterranean. Croatia is classified as an emerging and developing economy by the International Monetary Fund and a high income economy by the World Bank.

With a 1778km coastline, over 1,000 islands and a mild Mediterranean climate, Croatia is one of Europe's top seaside destinations. Croatia can also offer camping, mountain hiking/biking, rafting, scuba diving and skydiving as well as a unique history, a unique mixture of cuisines, many internationally recognized hotels and helpful individuals. Zagreb is the capital of the country. It may not attract as many visitors as the coastal towns of Rijeka or Split or Zadar or Dubrovnik but is well worth a visit.

Dubrovnik city

The first thing to do on Croatia vacations is select one of the many fine Croatia hotels that suit your pleasure - though times have changed, it's still cheaper than much of Western Europe. Stroll through the walled medieval city of Dubrovnik, visit Split, an ancient city built around Diocletian’s Palace, and take a trip to any of the beautiful Croatian Islands including Hvar, Brac, Kornati, and Rab, known for being the birthplace of nudism in 1936. There is a special atmosphere to Croatian towns and villages, many of which are built on the sites of ancient Greek settlements dating from the 4th century BC. This, among with a welcoming and determined population, Mediterranean climate, scenic beauty and lush vegetation is making Croatia one of the best destinations to spend a relaxing and full of experience holidays.

Dubrovnik Croatia

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You can now book your Croatia transfer in 4 easy steps.
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